Relationship Refinery

by Kate Rogers

About Kate

Kate is a thirty-something lady who believes that a quality life requires quality relationships. She is forever a relationshipper-in-training, sharing her thoughts on matters of connection here as a way to put some order to the seemingly disparate thoughts floating around in her mind.

Kate, her husband, and two babies live in a tiny apartment in Cambridge, Massachusetts and have a hard time sitting still. She is a former self-help genre junkie and serial dater; and is currently a devourer of books brownies and Dr. Pepper, a behavioral science degree holder, and a believer in Jesus Christ and member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. That is the extent of her bulletproof qualifications for blogging.


4 thoughts on “About Kate

    1. Hi Janice, I’ve been a member since birth, but have had patches of time that I would have considered myself inactive or not yet converted to the gospel (rather than church) portion.


  1. Wow, Kate, I think your thoughts are much toooo focused on detail, way too much detail! I had to endure some very tough difficulties earlier in life and came up with a page of thoughts to help me endure through the difficulties. Here’s the list:

    Keep Focused on the Present.
    Look to the Future with faith and hope.
    Remember my Blessings Constantly.
    Repent of past Errors, Sins, Mistakes, Misjudgments & Indiscretions.
    Trust the Savior constantly.
    He Overcame Death & Hell.
    The Truth will Prevail.
    All Wrongs will be made Right.
    All Injustice will be Rectified.
    “The Sorrow, Pain & Tears of my Covenant Children will Turn to Joy!
    I will Carry Your Burdens to make the Light!!

    ( “After the destruction of my family, after many hours of deep depression and solemn prayer for relief, the Holy Spirit spoke these words of comfort to me on Oct 14, 1994. The Spirit told me to put these words in large print on my refrigerator and read them twice every day! They saved my life!!!) Nolan Petersen, Lt Col, USAF, (Ret). , Layton, UT 84040


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